Bits and Tatters: 

Laura Lamb – Videographer and Writer/Lyricist
Beverly Dobrinsky – Performer: Vocals and Hurdy Gurdy

BREAD and SALT: A work in development.

In spring 2012 Vancouver Moving Theatre commissioned Beverly Dobrinsky to interview elders from the downtown eastside Ukrainian community; to research the Ukrainian Hall archives and music library; and brain-storm themes and content with VMT Artistic Director Savannah Walling. This research is the basis of a script which is currently being co-written by Beverly and Savannah which will interweave narrative, oral and written history, with songs and dance.  A public concert and multi-disciplinary commemorative event that honours and celebrates the Ukrainian Canadian community of Vancouver’s historic East End (Downtown Eastside/Strathcona)will be presented at the Heart of the City Festival in November 2013. This coincides with the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre.


This 2 ½ year community-building project will culminate in a multi-disciplinary, intercultural theatrical feast integrating storytelling and poetry, music and song; stylized movement; visual design (room decoration, art installation, and costume), culinary arts, and food and feast-related protocols from founding cultures of the Downtown Eastside: Coast Salish, Asian and European. It is being developed and produced by Vancouver Moving Theatre in partnerships with the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival, Jumblies Theatre and Downtown Eastside/Vancouver organizations. Beverly Dobrinsky is working as music facilitator and singer. The purpose of The Big House is to deepen exploration of the integration of food, song, art, cultural traditions and conversation; to build connections and strengthen understanding between immigrant and native communities, associated with the Downtown Eastside; to encourage inter-generational relationship building and intercultural sharing; to learn from and inspire each other in a powerful shared experience.

DOLYA:  Beverly’s current solo show which combines spoken word, song, accordion and hurdy gurdy to explore the power and meaning of DOLYA/kismet, fate, destiny, in relationship to her sister character KORINNYA/roots.

“I am inspired by the minstrel tradition which was very active in Ukraine from the 1200s to 1930s, and which is common to many European countries. The minstrel travels from village to village bringing stories, news, and songs. I have created this performance as a tribute to this lineage which resonates so strongly as I play this ancient instrument.”

The first version of DOLYA was presented at the Island Mosaic Showcase on Mayne Island, BC in August 2009; and in 2010 Beverly first visited Ukraine and connected with Ukrainian hurdy gurdy players who are involved in the revival of this folk tradition. Consequently, in 2011 she presented a newer version of DOLYA at the Heart of the City Festival in Vancouver, BC which integrated the impact of this visit into the original story.

Currently Beverly is continuing to develop DOLYA which will tell the final story of her journey as a diaspora Canadian artist, which has spanned 2 decades of exploration of these themes of roots, upheaval, destiny, soul, and soul retrieval.